Below you can find a written record of BPT’s spoken representations at Planning Committee categorised by date.

Former Regency Laundry Service (June 2023)

Eastern Sports Fields, University of Bath (June 2023)

Frome House (Feb 2022)

Clarkson House (Feb 2022)

Frome House (June 2022)

Bath Press (November 2022)

5G Mast, Larkhall Football Club (Feb 2021)

Waterworks Cottage (June 2021)

Former Bath Press Site (Sept 2021)

Friends Meeting House (March 2021)

The Min (July 2021)

Field B/w City Farm & Cotswold View (Sept 2021)

Cedar Park Care Centre (April 2021)

Dick Lovett Site (Aug 2021)

Belvoir Castle (Dec 2021)

The Scala (May 2021)

Regency Laundry (Aug 2021)

Hartwells Site (March 2020)

Holburne Park (June 2020)

Holburne Park (Oct 2020)

Bath City Football Club (March 2020)

New Leaf Farm (July 2020)

5G Mast, Woolley Lane (Nov 2020)

Old House, Northend (May 2020)

The Min (Aug 2020)

Homebase Site (Dec 2020)

Statement to Planning Committee (May 2020)

Western Riverside (Aug 2020)