The area of Sawclose is a historic open space within the city centre, formerly a cattle or “hay and straw” market through the 18th and 19th centuries, although it pre-dates this and formed the western edge of the earlier medieval city. By 2008, the space was given over to a car park and through traffic access, with restricted access for pedestrian users.


2013/2014 – Proposals for Redevelopment of Historic Sawclose

In 2013, application 13/04234/EFUL came forward for alterations to the Gala Bingo Club to develop a new hotel and casino, part of the new Sawclose area. This included new hard landscaping, street furniture, and planting within the townscape setting of the Grade II* Theatre Royal.

BPT felt that a contemporary approach to the hotel and casino would be “broadly appropriate”, with the use of stepped levels breaking up the massing. We had some initial concerns regarding the proposed volume of glazing and potential light spill in the city centre, recognised for its distinctive low level illuminated character.

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The scheme was granted planning permission in May 2014. Works commenced in 2017 and were completed by the beginning of 2018.