BPT Responds to Latest Design Revisions to Bath Quays North Scheme

BPT has responded to the latest revised plans for the Bath Quays North Scheme (application 20/04965/ERES). The design has been amended to introduce more variety in the elevations of the building plots, particularly as viewed as part of the riverside. A stronger vertical emphasis has been introduced to ‘break up’ the strong horizontal line of the development.

BPT has welcomed the move away from the horizontal focus of elevational treatments. We feel that the use of piers and porticos are largely successful and better define key entrances. However, we had some concerns that these may be too visually bold and suggested that the bays could be slimmed down, or the horizontal beams could be removed, to improve their appearance. We maintain the need for further details on the finish of the proposed ‘pink’ brick which would be visible in riverside views.

You can read our comments in full here.