Sign up for the Bathscape Views and Vistas Workshop

Sign up for the Bathscape Views and Vistas Workshop

What’s your favourite view? Do you have a favourite view in the Bathscape area? Bathscape (a project in partnership with BPT) are looking for volunteers to research and share their favourite viewpoints in and around the city. Using photography, fieldwork, and online research you can help share the importance, history and ever-changing face of our celebrated local landscape views.

You can sign up for online workshops to hear more about the project and start the conversation on landscape and views on 26th October and 1st November. If you decide to join this project, over the next few months, Bathscape will support you in researching viewpoints to record our best-loved views and vistas, which will then be shared on the Bathscape website. In the long term, Bathscape are also looking for volunteers to help monitor iconic views in the Bathscape to see how they are changing.

If you are interested in finding more about this project, or would like to volunteer, please register your place for one of the workshops online or express your interest directly by emailing the workshop facilitator:

You can find out more about the project here.

You can learn more about what Bathscape does here.