Formerly one of three MOD sites across Bath, this site is located in a critical position overlooking the city to the north, close to the Grade I Beckford’s Tower. The site was decommissioned and subsequently sold to IM Land in 2013. On-site construction works started in 2016, with the first affordable houses available in 2018. Works were completed in 2020. BPT has been involved in tree-planting works along the south-east boundary of the site to mitigate the development’s impact in long-ranging views down into the World Heritage site.


2014 – Planning Application for Residential Development of 181 Dwellings

In 2014, planning application 14/01853/EFUL was submitted, proposing 181 residential homes. Whilst supporting the principle of housing on the site, BPT maintained an objection due to serious concerns about the implications of an approved development at the gateway to the World Heritage Site. We feel that the 3-4 storey heights, combined with a layout that has little regard to the setting of Beckford’s Tower, compromises the value of the World Heritage Site and its setting.

Read our June 2014 objection here.

Read our revised September 2014 objection here.

Read our revised October 2014 objection here.

The scheme was approved in April 2015.


2013 – Public Consultation for Proposed Redevelopment of Former MOD Site

A consultation was held in 2013 regarding the redevelopment potential of the ex-MOD site on Granville Road. You can see the Options Report here. The initial premise was welcomed, albeit with concerns regarding the proposed three-storey site scale on the streetscape of Granville Road.

Read our 2013 consultation feedback here.