The Royal High School, Lansdown Road, Lansdown, Bath

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Our Response

The Royal High School is a Grade II mid-19th century school building situated in the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. There are additional associated Grade II structures on the site such as the entrance archway, flanking walls, steps, lamp standards, chapel, and Woodland Cottage. The site forms part of the low density, green periphery of the city along Lansdown Road. Despite being set well back from the roadside, views from Lansdown Road are publicly framed in the archway entrance down the driveway to the school. It forms a grand, landmark addition to the streetscape. Part of the site’s positive contribution to the streetscape is the extent of established tree canopy to the north-western and south-west of the school complex, matching the verdant, low density character seen in close proximity along College Road and Hamilton Road, transitioning into the open grounds of Kingswood School to the north. As such, the volume of tree planting and use of greening to define roadside boundaries has given the area a distinctive, semi-rural character that marks the perceived, gentle transition from the city centre to open countryside along Lansdown Road.

This application proposes that a total of 18 trees are felled. BPT acknowledges the need for the removal of dead and diseased trees for the effective maintenance of the site, the health of the other trees, and the health and safety of site users.

However, considering the proposed volume of tree removal, we strongly encourage the consideration of replanting with suitable native species where possible as part of the long-term management of the site, to ensure that the tree canopy is appropriately maintained and enhanced, as well as its contribution to the character and appearance of the Bath conservation area.

Application Number: 22/01503/TCA
Application Date: 07/04/2022
Closing Date: 03/05/2022
Address: The Royal High School, Lansdown Road, Lansdown, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment