Telecommunication Mast 94844, Corston View, Bloomfield

Installation of 6no antennas following removal of existing antennas, internal upgrade of existing equipment cabin and associated ancillary works.
Our Response

The proposed site of works is Corston View, an area of open green space within the Odd Down region of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. It forms one of the recognised important hillsides within the setting of the World Heritage site, and is acknowledged in the Conservation Area Appraisal as providing views of the north of the city such as the Camden and Lansdown area, as well as some of Bath’s major Georgian set pieces such as the Royal Crescent and Beckford’s Tower. The existing telecommunications mast is situated adjacent to Stirtingale Farm, an early 18th century farmhouse noted as a Non-Designated Heritage Asset.

BPT continues to emphasise that we appreciate the necessity for the upgrade of the existing provision of access to 5G networks; it is an important and positive improvement of public amenity and technological access.

We further note that a telecommunications mast is already present on the site. However, we would caution against the overdevelopment of the existing mast through the addition of further equipment due to the acknowledged relative significance of the site as a green space within the fringe residential development of the conservation area and a hillside viewpoint within the World Heritage site, either in this application or as part of future works.

Application Number: 20/01691/FUL
Application Date: 19/05/2020
Closing Date: 25/06/2020
Address: Telecommunication Mast 94844, Corston View, Bloomfield
Our Submission Status: Comment