Street Record, Bath Spa University Campus, Newton St. Loe, Bath

Creation of new openings to the Walled Garden at the southern end of the Newton Park Campus; demolition of the adjoining lean-to buildings to the north of the Walled Garden…
Our Response

The Trust strongly supports the principle of this proposal to increase student residences on campus. The dominance of student houses in residential areas is an issue for the City and there is a recognised impact on the shortage of family housing.

The Trust feels that the development of the site to support continued educational use, and the potential relief the provision of student accommodation would have on family homes, constitutes very special circumstances, and that the proposed development in this location is appropriate within the Green Belt. The degree of harm to the openness of the Green Belt is sufficiently mitigated by the existing built up backdrop combined with the landscaping proposals which will benefit the setting Similarly, the Trust strongly supports proposed development being on the site of the existing car park; a reduction in car parking is significantly beneficial in terms of carbon reduction and less vehicle flow.

It is regrettable that there has not been any further opportunity to review the development of proposals before the submission of this planning application. The design and detail has changed considerably since the last round of public consultation and events attended by the Trust. We have concerns about the roof profile of the new residential buildings. In section the flat roof between ridges appears to create unnecessary bulk.

Additionally we feel that ridge heights make the building appear rather compressed. A lower roof may help break up the bulky form. Further details of about the proposed patinated zinc roof covering are required, specifically about the colour and tone of this material.

The use of reconstituted stone is not at all supported – we encourage the use of natural Bath stone. Furthermore whilst we do not object in principle to the use of render, we are concerned about the large expanses of render proposed and the durability and maintenance requirements. Generally we do not understand the justification for the choice of materials which is not in conformity with the range of examples given in the design and access statement.

Application Number: 12/02142/LBA
Application Date: 04/05/2012
Closing Date: 10/09/2012
Address: Street Record, Bath Spa University Campus, Newton St. Loe, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment