Demolition of existing structures on site. Development of an unmanned “express” petrol filling station incorporating the installation of underground fuel tanks (2 x 40,000 litres), two fuel dispensing pumps with…
Our Response

The Trust has no objection to the principle of a petrol station in this location bearing in mind the current appearance and use of the site. We note from ecology comments that further work needs to be done to ensure light spill is kept to a minimum at the rear boundary; the strict management of light spill and light pollution in this domestic neighbourhood is a key consideration. Our only other observation is that the adjacent junctions/roads are already busy and tend to have queueing traffic (especially Old Newbridge Hill) and given the lack of petrol stations in Bath, the facility is likely to be extremely busy, therefore there could be additional queuing and associated traffic impacts that need to be modelled and new traffic management measures put in place if it is deemed necessary by Highways, perhaps via the use of a S106 contribution from the developer.

Application Number: 18/04451/FUL
Application Date: 16/11/2018
Closing Date: 16/11/2018
Address: Newbridge Motors, Newbridge Road, Newbridge
Our Submission Status: Comment