T1- three stemmed sycamore – fell.
Our Response

The site of proposed tree works is the Crown Inn, situated on the junction between Bathford Hill and Bradford Road at the western entrance to the Bathford Conservation Area. The existing sycamore tree is a relatively well-sized specimen clearly visible as part of the streetscape and is in character with the green appearance and boundary treatment along Bathford Hill, in keeping with the rural qualities of the village conservation area.

Where it is proposed to fell the tree, we have some concerns regarding the reasoning provided and the resulting, unmitigated loss of a public street tree from the conservation area. There is currently insufficient information provided regarding the degree of nuisance that the tree is causing to customers, and whether this could be managed through crowning works and/or pruning, or the slight adjustment of seating away from the tree base. In accordance with Policy NE6 tree works should seek to avoid adverse impact on trees of landscape and amenity value, and appropriate retention and/or replanting is strongly encouraged. In light of the Climate and Ecological Emergency, it is critical to retain established street trees where these provide numerous ecological, social, and aesthetic benefits, including carbon sequestration, provision of natural shading, reducing the effects of air pollution (particularly where situated alongside a well-used road), and provision of wildlife habitat. The proposed tree felling would therefore not be sufficiently justified and we strongly encourage alternative options for retention and management, or replacement with a suitable species where felling is unavoidable, are considered.

Application Number: 23/02140/TCA
Application Date: 12/06/2023
Closing Date: 04/07/2023
Address: Crown Inn, 2 Bathford Hill, Bathford, Bath
Our Submission Status: Object