Refurbishment of flats no.s 51 – 98 Bradford Park including internal and external alterations.
Our Response The Trust welcomes the improvement of amenity to these flats, especially in dealing with issues of damp and improving space allocation. We regret the necessity to remove balconies which can present an important amenity for flat dwellers, and we wonder whether there can be a reconsideration to bring about the provision of some form of balcony and/or Juliet balconies to these apartments. We are concerned regarding the proliferation of brick and we hope that it will be the paler Mulberry Park brick rather than the darker one.
Application Number: 19/00347/FUL
Application Date: 25/01/2019
Closing Date: 19/02/2019
Address: 51 Bradford Park, Combe Down
Our Submission Status: Comment