Internal and external alterations to facilitate the conversion of three Victorian Spa buildings adjacent to the Roman Baths into a Roman Baths Learning Centre and a World Heritage Centre connected…
Our Response

10 York Street is a Grade II Victorian laundry situated within the core of Bath conservation area and World Heritage boundary, directly adjacent to the Roman Baths. Constructed in 1889, the former Bath City Laundry remains a significant indicator of Bath’s spa history, whilst the retention of Roman remains within the building’s vaults makes this a historically nuanced site that requires specialist adaptation.

Previously, the Trust has supported the reuse and refurbishment of 10 York Street as part of the Archway Project in 2016. We continue to encourage the sustainable function of this site within Bath city centre, and acknowledge that previously proposed interior alterations are necessary to render the building suitable for a continuation of use.

The Trust continues to support the proposed changes; we feel that the removal of harmful, modern additions such as the external concrete render to the rear of the shop, and the removal of the 1970s internal decoration, will ultimately benefit the readability and material condition of the building. The reuse of windows on the Swallow Street frontage will further enhance Bath’s central streetscape. The removal and replacement of internal concrete works such as the floor, stairs, and machine mounts will improve accessibility and visitor experience whilst causing negligible harm to historic fabric.

BPT accepts the removal of the warehouse and workshop from the Archway Project; however, it would be preferred if more information was provided regarding how these spaces will consequently be maintained and used in future aside from housing structural support for the upper floors. We are also interested regarding the removal of these “back-of-house storage” spaces, and where these necessary functional areas will be relocated.

The Trust therefore approves the amended scheme due to the necessary remedial works proposed that will improve the site’s sustainable reuse and visitor enjoyment. We continue to support increased tourist facilities within the city’s historic core that encourage participation with Bath’s World Heritage status. We hope these new educational facilities offer many future opportunities for partnership with other localised heritage organisations.

Application Number: 19/04027/REG13
Application Date: 16/09/2019
Closing Date: 14/10/2019
Address: 10 York Street, City Centre
Our Submission Status: Support