Latest News on B&NES Core Strategy

Latest News on B&NES Core Strategy

The Planning Inspector has issued his final report on the B&NES Core Strategy, the planning blueprint for Bath and its Environs until 2026.

BPT has campaigned throughout that the areas of Bath’s Green Belt which the Council has wished to release for development should not be included, in order to protect the rural setting of the World Heritage Site and AONB.

In his report the Inspector has agreed with the Council that some land should be released at Odd Down/South Stoke for 300 houses but with constraints about where these houses should be on the plateau and how the rural nature of South Stoke Lane should be maintained. He agreed with BPT (and other campaigners) that land at Weston should not be released for development. Although not included in the Council’s proposals at this stage, he also stated clearly that housing on the Kingwood School playing fields and on Duchy land at Newton St Loe would cause significant harm to the setting of the WHS. Although we regret the decision in relation to the South Stoke plateau we believe the report sets out clearly the parameters by which development in Bath’s Green Belt is constrained by the needs of the World Heritage Site setting.

The next step is for the Council to adopt the strategy on 10 July. You may wish to lobby your local councillor to express your views.

Please click here to read more about the Core Strategy. And here is a link to the Final Report.