Royal Crescent Paving And Railings

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Royal Crescent Paving And Railings

The Royal Crescent railings, long in need of repair, are finally being restored. After many years of research, negotiations, trials and planning by the Royal Crescent residents and Bath Preservation Trust in association with Harrison Brookes Architects and B&NES, £280,000 was raised and work repairing the rusting railings and crumbing foundations started in August 2008 and is nearing completion.

The £50,000 from English Heritage was the final boost the fund-raisers needed to finally get the project moving, and Ian Morrison, Inspector of Ancient Monuments for English Heritage, said: “This project will employ exemplary standards of conservation workmanship and materials in order to enhance the visual appreciation and authenticity of one of Bath’s most famous set-pieces.”

BPT aims to preserve and protect the best of Bath and as we are also one of the freeholders of the Royal Crescent, with our home and principal museum at No. 1, we are delighted to have played our part in this restoration project.