York House, Bathampton Lane, Bathampton, Bath

External alterations to include the removal of steel staircase linking ground floor to rear garden to rear of property. Replacement of door with vertical sliding sash window.
Our Response

The proposed removal of the metal fire escape stairs from the rear elevation would result in the loss of what is indicated to be a non-historic addition to the listed building which is currently concealed in public view. The stairs have continued to deteriorate and are in a poor condition. Removal of the staircase would therefore have a negligible, even positive, impact on historic fabric and the special interest of the listed building, and as such is considered to be acceptable.

Where it is proposed to replace the existing fire escape door with a new single pane sash window, it is indicated in the proposed sash window details that this window would be single glazed. However, we note that the proposed location of the window would be well-concealed from public view on the rear of the building recessed between the main body of the building and the projecting conservatory on the western wing. Any views would be restricted to those experienced at close range by pedestrians and cyclists along Meadow Lane. In response to the Climate Emergency, we therefore highlight that this could be a positive opportunity for the installation of a traditional timber sash window that utilises slimlite double glazing, to ensure an improved thermal and acoustic performance, pending the submission of appropriate sections, drawings, and details.

Application Number: 22/04862/LBA
Application Date: 02/12/2022
Closing Date: 20/01/2023
Address: York House, Bathampton Lane, Bathampton, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment