Erection of double garage to Plot 1 and carport to Plot 2, rebuilding of boundary wall to highway including removal of trees.
Our Response

This application follows on from 19/01144/FUL, the most recent revision to the original 17/02663/FUL scheme for the demolition of Wyvern Cottage and reconstruction of two individual dwellings along Lansdown Road, within the World Heritage site and just outside the boundary of the Bath conservation area, although the stone wall boundary appears to be positioned just within the conservation area and should therefore be considered in relation to its contribution to the area’s character and appearance.

We initially have some concerns due to the lack of information regarding the proposed demolition and rebuilding of the boundary ashlar stone wall. It remains a positive feature of traditional vernacular treatments within the Lansdown streetscape due to its mixed use of Bath stone ashlar to the north, and coursed rubble stone with cock ‘n’ hen capping to the south. We would strongly recommend that appropriate proposed sections are provided to the LPA to better assess the means of stabilisation and reconstruction.

We would additionally question the removal of four sycamores along the western edge of the site boundary. The dominance of mature tree planting along the roadside is what “gives the strength of overall unity and coherence to the area” (Upper Lansdown Character Area Appraisal 2005). Whilst we acknowledge that the removal is noted to prevent further damage to the wall, we would query whether the number of trees removed is necessary.

We would therefore emphasise the importance of minimising removal where possible to mitigate the direct visual impact to the streetscape and peripheral character of the conservation area, and would suggest that replacements should be of an appropriate type to match the established height and spread of the mature trees in the immediate vicinity. We would query whether the proposed garage could be located further south, possibly over the footprint of the approved parking provisions, to avoid encroaching into the RPAs of multiple trees with TPOs, as well as the sycamores proposed for removal.

Application Number: 20/02339/FUL
Application Date: 07/07/2020
Closing Date: 29/07/2020
Address: Wyvern Cottage, Lansdown Road, Lansdown
Our Submission Status: Comment