The Rectory, Richmond Place, Beacon Hill, Bath

Replacement of existing old white aluminium windows and glazed doors with glazing bars, and replacement with white UPVC windows and glazed doors without glazing bars.
Our Response

The Rectory is an unlisted, mid-20th century dwelling situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. It is situated opposite the Grade II late Georgian terrace of Richmond Place, although set back from the road with generous boundary planting.

In principle, BPT resists the installation of uPVC windows due to the consequent detriment to the aesthetic and material character the Bath conservation area. The replacement of the existing aluminium windows with uPVC in the building’s street-facing elevation, whilst currently screened with foliage that could be removed in future (see Google Street View 2009), would neither preserve nor enhance the traditional character and appearance of the conservation area, and would harm the setting of a Grade II listed terrace. We therefore strongly recommend that any window replacements considered are either aluminium, as existing, or timber to minimise potential visual impact.

We note that this aspect of the scheme has now been revised, and the replacement windows are proposed to be white aluminium.

We would further suggest a more traditional or symmetrical fenestration style is selected. The proposed pane-less glazing, with top hung and side hung casements on the first floor, would be distinctly modern and suburban in design, and consequently ill-fitting within its sensitive historical setting. Consequently, a simpler, more symmetrical approach would be preferred, potentially with the exclusion of the top-hung window aspect. Following the proposed revisions to the materiality of the replacement windows, we suggest that updated drawings are provided, or the continued validity of the previously proposed design clarified.

Application Number: 20/03736/FUL
Application Date: 12/10/2020
Closing Date: 13/11/2020
Address: The Rectory, Richmond Place, Beacon Hill, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment