The Old Vicarage, 110 Church Road, Combe Down, Bath

External alterations to existing conservatory to include removal of roof lights, changing of existing timber framed glazing and doors to steel framed glazing and door, moving south wall and alteration…
Our Response

The Old Vicarage is a Grade II dwelling likely designed by HE Goodridge in 1840 as the former vicarage to the adjacent Holy Trinity Church, contemporary in age and design, situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. The Old Vicarage remains a grand example of Goodridge’s later pre- Gothic Revival style with established Jacobean features, generously set back in extensive private grounds, and is therefore of particular local significance considering its striking, standalone position along Church Road, and Goodridge’s architectural prevalence within Bath between the 1820s-1850s.

The proposed site of the orangery has been occupied with a greenhouse from 1853, and has consistently featured a glasshouse or greenhouse-style structure up until the existing structure which post-dates 1983, and appears in the amended listing description as of 2010-2012. The glass roof was replaced with a gabled lead equivalent in 2007.

The Trust previously objected to consented application 20/02669/LBA on grounds of the solid form of the proposed ‘orangery’ and excessive increase in scale, which we felt would not be suitably subservient in scale, position and design and would constitute less than substantial harm to a listed building with no public benefit.

We therefore feel that this application is a significant improvement through the proposed retention of the existing footprint, profile, and design of the conservatory structure. We maintain that the retention of a visually ‘light touch’ design that is defined primarily by its use of glazing is a more appropriate addition to the building and accords with the historic use of glazed structures on the south-east corner. We encourage the removal of gypsum plaster from the south wall.

However, it would be beneficial to provide further details regarding the proposed orangery such as the proposed colour and finish of the steel Crittal frames.

Application Number: 21/00948/LBA
Application Date: 01/03/2021
Closing Date: 01/04/2021
Address: The Old Vicarage, 110 Church Road, Combe Down, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment