Variation of condition 22 of application 18/02831/FUL (Demolition of existing building and redevelopment comprising erection of a student accommodation building (sui generis) and erection of a flexible employment building (Class…
Our Response

The proposed site of development is The Old Bakery, situated in a largely terrace residential area within the World Heritage site and the indicative setting of the Bath conservation area. The architectural character of the Bear Flat and Oldfield Park area is characterised as largely 19th century two-storey residential terraces, with a prominent material vernacular of Bath stone ashlar and coursed pennant stone.

BPT has previously commented in response to application 18/02831/FUL; we therefore maintain our previous position which states a preference for the use of more rustic materials, such as rubblestone, which will help the development achieve a more comfortable assimilation with the townscape and is more aesthetically appropriate than brick. Considering the visual prominence of Building A from Jews Lane, we would recommend the selection of a material more in keeping with the material and colour palette of the area to ensure a retained homogeneity of aesthetic character throughout the World Heritage site.

Application Number: 20/01009/VAR
Application Date: 10/03/2020
Closing Date: 11/04/2020
Address: The Old Bakery, Jews Lane, Twerton
Our Submission Status: Comment