External alterations to include the addition of 4 no. jumbrellas, installation of barriers and change of use to outdoor seating area associated with the use of The Hub.
Our Response

The Hub forms the core of the contemporary Mulberry Park development, situated within the Bath World Heritage Site and the indicative townscape setting of the Combe Down character area of the conservation area. The outside area features an existing arrangement of picnic table-style seating which would be retained as part of this application.

We note some confusion over the proposed design, colour, and finish of the proposed jumbrellas and barriers. A number of examples in varying colours and styles are provided within the application, but we suggest that the finalised design and colour of both the jumbrellas and barriers are provided as part of this application to inform the case officer’s assessment. Whilst we acknowledge the recent clarification that the jumbrellas would not feature advertisements, we additionally recommend that the proposed design and ‘branding’ of the barriers is included.

Application Number: 21/01284/FUL
Application Date: 17/03/2021
Closing Date: 29/04/2021
Address: The Hub, Mulberry Way, Combe Down
Our Submission Status: Comment