The Ferns, Deadmill Lane, Lower Swainswick, Bath

Alterations and extension to residential annex in association with its independent use.
Our Response

The Ferns is an unlisted mid-19th century building situated within the Green Belt, the indicative townscape setting of the Bath conservation area, and the landscape setting of the World Heritage Site. The proposed site of development is the existing annex building on the Deadmill Lane junction, within the generous garden setting of the Ferns. It is situated adjacent to a single storey outbuilding, and as a result present a low-profile frontage visible from Deadmill Lane. The site forms part of the green, low-density character of the area which significantly demarcates the rural boundary of Bath, with glimpses of undeveloped landscape views to the north-west.

We have some concerns regarding the proposed separation of the annex from the main building, to function independently as a “1 person studio property”, and the creation of an additional, independent residential unit within the Green Belt. We note the ongoing intensification of built development across this site (see 14/03204/FUL) and maintain that the proposed conversion to an independent dwelling would lead to the further subdivision of the site, and place increased developmental pressure on the annex to the detriment of the openness and appearance of the Green Belt.

Should the proposed material alterations be deemed acceptable, we strongly recommend that the use of the annex should remain ancillary to the main building through a relevant condition.

Application Number: 21/03334/FUL
Application Date: 14/07/2021
Closing Date: 10/08/2021
Address: The Ferns, Deadmill Lane, Lower Swainswick, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment