The Cottage, 81 Hardings Lane, Marksbury, Bath

Internal and external alterations for the replacement of 20th Century attached garage with new garden room extension.
Our Response

81 Hardings Lane, otherwise known as The Cottage, is a Grade II late 17th century detached house situated within the village of Marksbury and the extent of the Bath & Bristol Green Belt.

In light of the declared Climate Emergency, BPT is supportive of the sympathetic upgrade of traditional and listed housing stock, where deemed appropriate, to better meet modern standards of living. As such, we therefore note a positive opportunity for the sensitive implementation of energy efficiency retrofits and thermal improvements where this does not result in harm or the loss of significant historic fabric.

The Design & Access Statement makes a general assessment of existing windows as late 20th century in origin. Where windows are demonstrated not to be of historic interest to, or significantly contribute to the special interest of the listed building, we are not opposed to the principle of their replacement.

However, we note that at present the scope of retrofit as part of proposals is unclear. Whilst annotations in the proposed elevations indicate that slimlite double glazing would be fitted in place of non-historic casement windows in the utility extension, the Design & Access Statement refers to the replacement of all “modern casement windows”, including in the rear of the living room. We therefore encourage that all windows proposed for replacement with slimlite double glazed equivalents are indicated in the proposed elevations. Further assessment is required as to how installation would affect the appearance and associated special architectural and historic character of the listed building.

The proposed window details as provided appear to only refer to the proposed installation of timber casement windows with a timber ‘mullion’ in the utility extension. We maintain that should window replacement be proposed within the historic window openings of the host building, further existing and proposed sections should be provided to appropriately illustrate how installation would interact with the stone window reveals.

Application Number: 22/02188/LBA
Application Date: 26/05/2022
Closing Date: 08/07/2022
Address: The Cottage, 81 Hardings Lane, Marksbury, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment