Street Record, Abbey Church Yard, City Centre

Use of site for temporary Christmas market for 18 days for three year permission for the following dates: Thursday 23rd November – Sunday 10th December 2017 and 18 days mid…
Our Response The Trust does not understand why the area for chalets is so much larger than previous years when only a small uplift in chalet numbers is proposed.  Our primary objection however is the harm to the iconic west front of the Abbey that will be caused by the section of chalets placed directly in front of it.  Not only will this cause pedestrian issues but it will disrupt the use of the area for charity collections and school carol concerts usually held outside the Abbey doors, but it will most importantly intrude upon views of this highly significant west elevation at a seasonal and religious time when the Abbey is most used and admired.  The market will present visual harm to multiple listed buildings, and we accept that this is temporary and outweighed by public benefit, but we feel that the Grade I Abbey should be allowed to remain highly visible and uncluttered at this time when the city is most busy and its forecourt should remain open and permeable.
Application Number: 17/02121/FUL
Application Date: 04/05/2017
Closing Date: 13/06/2017
Address: Street Record, Abbey Church Yard, City Centre
Our Submission Status: Object