T1- Berberis to remove. T2 Birch tree to shorten 1 higher limb towards the building by 2m. T3 1 x Elm to remove.
Our Response

The focus of tree works is on the corner of Ashley Avenue, situated within the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. The street is of a high-density terraced grain, which is broken up with several examples of established street trees, an effect which is contributed to by examples of green planting and trees on private land such as fronting driveways and adjoining private gardens. The cluster of trees to the right of Station House positively add to this greening effect.

The current proposals don’t provide any reasons as to why the application would propose the removal of two trees, and we recommend that further details are provided to demonstrate that felling works would be necessary. Where possible, we recommend that felling works should be appropriately mitigated by the planting of a replacement specimen of a suitable species well-suited to its urban setting and additional height constraints (eg. overhead telephone wires).

Application Number: 23/02186/TCA
Application Date: 14/06/2023
Closing Date: 06/07/2023
Address: Station House, Ashley Avenue, Lower Weston, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment