St Nicholas Church, Mill Lane, Bathampton

Common Yew (T5) – Fell.
Our Response

St Nicholas Church is a Grade II* church dating to the 13th century situated within the Bathampton conservation area, and the Bath World Heritage site. The graveyard is included within the ancillary listing of the church due to its contextualisation of the site and contribution to the church’s overall evidential, historical, and aesthetic character. The mature trees within the graveyard positively contribute to the overall rural character of the Bathampton conservation area, and are highly visible as a green boundary along Mill Lane.

BPT acknowledges the necessity of the removal of the existing yew tree due to significant fungal decay. However, we feel that the loss of the yew will result in the erosion of traditional churchyard character and the setting of St Nicholas Church, as well as the graveyard’s existing verdant appearance within Bathampton’s village core. Therefore, we feel that this impact could be mitigated by the planting of a new young yew tree as part of this application.

Application Number: 19/05336/TCA
Application Date: 10/12/2019
Closing Date: 17/01/2020
Address: St Nicholas Church, Mill Lane, Bathampton
Our Submission Status: Comment