Springfield House Care Home, 21 Entry Hill Park, Combe Down, Bath

T1 – Western Red Cedar, 45 feet in height- remove this tree. A replacement tree will be planted elsewhere within the grounds to mitigate this loss, possibly a tulip tree…
Our Response

The proposed site of tree works is the Springfield House Care Home, situated within the Bath World Heritage Site and just outside of the boundary of the conservation area. The existing care home site is based around the 19th century Springfield House, formerly a detached dwelling set within generous private gardens accessed via a lane off Entry Hill. Cartographical evidence such as the 1844-1888 OS indicate that the western extent of the grounds was more densely wooded, with a concentration of tree planting along the driveway access to the main property as part of an intentional avenue approach. It is noted that a large concentration of mature tree specimens has been retained in this location along the south-western boundary wall and the historic gateway to the building, now to the care home, in which the building successfully appears as a detached dwelling regardless of its later modern additions to the east. The mature trees at the western access remain large, well-established, and prominent specimens that form the backdrop of the looser-grained streetscape of Entry Hill and Entry Hill Park.

We acknowledge the given reasons for the proposed removal of this tree, due to ongoing damage to a neighbouring driveway. However, we highlight that works would result in the loss of one of a group of what may be considered landmark trees within the townscape. We therefore welcome the intention as part of proposals for the proposed mitigatory replanting of a suitable replacement specimen “elsewhere within the grounds”. However, we take this opportunity to reiterate the relative historic and evidential value of this tree group as part of the original landscape setting of Springfield House and encourage that the canopy in this area is sustained and enhanced wherever possible.

Application Number: 22/03833/TPO
Application Date: 23/09/2022
Closing Date: 26/10/2022
Address: Springfield House Care Home, 21 Entry Hill Park, Combe Down, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment