External alterations to display 1no. non-illuminated replacement fascia sign. Internal alterations to include new floor coverings, lining of internal walls and installation of new light pendant fittings.
Our Response

21 Milsom Street forms part of a Grade II Georgian terrace within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. Milsom Street remains a highly significant commercial streetscape, though originally residential, representative of large-scale Georgian town planning providing intentional sightlines into the city centre. 21 Milsom Street’s value is largely derived from its aesthetic contribution to the wider conservation area and World Heritage Site, and its architectural consistency throughout the rest of the terrace. Due to the terrace’s centralised location within the city’s historic centre and retained use of traditional shop front vernacular, the shop frontage is expected to comply with relevant guidance regarding the appropriate use of materials, colours, and a lack of illuminated signage, in keeping with the wider historic character of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site.

The Trust feels that the addition of an aluminium fascia board over the existing timber shop front is wholly inappropriate due to the use of synthetic, modern materials in favour of more historically-sensitive traditional preferences such as timber. In accordance with BPT’s published guidance on Signs, Adverts, Banners, and Awnings, we maintain that “fascias should always be hardwood timber” to ensure a high-quality, traditional appearance throughout the conservation area, and complement the natural material and colour palette of a listed building and the wider listed terrace.

Therefore, we are pleased to see this application has been amended to propose a new sign is hand painted onto the existing fascia. We trust that paint samples will be accordingly provided or conditioned as part of the application.

We highlight that the Application Form proposes the replacement of “1 x existing fascia sign and 1 x bus stop sign.” No mention is made to a bus stop sign within the application; we therefore ask that this element is clarified.

Application Number: 20/03566/LBA
Application Date: 01/10/2020
Closing Date: 26/11/2020
Address: Sofa Workshop, 21 Milsom Street, City Centre
Our Submission Status: Comment