Shockerwick Cottage, Shockerwick Lane, Bathford

Internal and external works for the conversion of the 1980s garage structure to residential accommodation; including the erection of a first floor extension, side extension and amendments to the fenestration…
Our Response

Shockerwick Cottage is a Grade II mid- to late 17th century rural dwelling situated within the Green Belt, Cotswolds AONB, and the indicative landscape setting of the Bath World Heritage Site. The original 17th century dwelling now forms the north wing of Shockerwick Cottage, and has undergone a series of 1980s-1990s extensions to the south. It forms part of the historic setting of the Grade II late 17th century Upper Shockwick Farmhouse and was originally part of the historic Upper Shockerwick Farm complex. A number of Grade II early-mid 19th century farm buildings are present to the immediate west of the site. Both the farmhouse and the cottage are visible in wider views from along Shockerwick Lane and are exposed to wider sloping views to the east; the later 20th century extensions to the cottage now partially obscure the southern elevation, but remain recessive in their roof height and profile. In particular, the current garage building is almost entirely obscured from the roadside by the cock ‘n’ hen capped rubble stone boundary wall, and reads as subsidiary to the main cottage structure.

We therefore have some concerns regarding the proposed extension to the 1980s garage, and the continued visual intensification of the site. From the south, the proposed roof ridge would sit above the eaves of the cottage and obstruct wider views of a listed building, and would consequently visually ‘compete’ with the main cottage building rather than following the natural slope of the hill and stepping down in height.

We note the intention for the garage to appear “as a separate building” as stated in the D&A Statement and have some concerns that this could visually fragment the site and could constitute a disproportionate addition over and above the size of the original building.

A significant volume of glazing is proposed on the east elevation, and we maintain some concern as to potential detriment to landscape views due to increased lightspill and sun glare as perceived in long-range views from the east. We recommend a reduced volume of glazing to mitigate visual harm to the special qualities of the AONB and Green Belt.

We note that new documentation was submitted regarding the proposed volume percentage increase (09/04/2021). B&NES Green Belt SPD notes that “the volume of the original dwelling includes any unattached residential buildings, (excluding unattached outbuildings) constructed at the time of the original dwelling house”. By this definition, other agricultural outbuildings on the original farm complex should not factor into volume percentage calculations, and are not located within the residential curtilage as defined by the applicant in the location plan. B&NES Council’s Green Belt SPD recommends that a maximum volume increase of a third would be more likely to be acceptable. We strongly recommend that this detail is clarified with the case officer with regards to the total volume increase to the cottage dwelling post-1948 as the subject of this application.

The applicant has indicated that “the current extensions to Shockerwick Cottage since 1948 forms approximately an 85% (390m3) addition to the original cottage and barn combined”, in which case further extensions would not be considered appropriate and would exceed the total volume increase of a third considered to be acceptable by the local planning authority.

Application Number: 21/01132/LBA
Application Date: 10/03/2021
Closing Date: 17/04/2021
Address: Shockerwick Cottage, Shockerwick Lane, Bathford
Our Submission Status: Comment