Second Floor, 1 Lansdown Place West, Lansdown, Bath

Internal and external alterations for the provision of opening between the kitchen and dining room and fire alarm system. (Regularisation). Proposed replacement of polycarbonate roof light with timber framed double…
Our Response

The proposed replacement of the existing polycarbonate rooflight with a timber-framed glazed alternative is acceptable, although we recommend provision of further material details such as close-up elevations and sections to ensure this would be of an appropriate scale and finish.

The D&A Statement proposes the “careful replacement of windows with timber framed slimline double - glazed units where there is no detrimental impact on the special architectural or historic interest of the building.” In response to the Climate Emergency, BPT maintains an in-principle supportive position regarding the potential installation of slimlite double glazing where the principle of window replacement in a listed building has been found to be acceptable and would not result in unjustified harm to historic fabric. We maintain that the suitability of this intervention remains dependent on the specific characteristics of the building and the sensitivities of its historic environment, as well as the quality of the proposed window’s construction and finish; as such, we reserve the right to assess the suitability of retrofit interventions on a case-by-case basis.

Whilst we recognise there is a positive opportunity for the thermal upgrade of the building’s windows, and associated benefits including improved living conditions for the building occupiers and contributions towards the Council’s net zero objectives, the application provides no further information as to this proposed intervention. There are no existing or proposed plans or sections that better illustrate proposals for slimlite double glazing installation within this building, and as such we cannot make an informed assessment as to the suitability of this measure. There is further no information as to the potential historic provenance of the existing windows and whether these may be of demonstrated historic significance as part of the special interest of the listed building.

We therefore strongly recommend that further information is provided in the form of sectional drawings and elevations, as well as further clarification as to the provenance of the existing windows, heritage impact and justification, and the approach to whole home energy efficiency before this intervention can be considered further by the LPA.

Application Number: 22/04952/LBA
Application Date: 08/12/2022
Closing Date: 02/02/2023
Address: Second Floor, 1 Lansdown Place West, Lansdown, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment