Richmond Arms Public House, 7 Richmond Place, Beacon Hill, Bath

Change of use of Public House (A4 Use Class) to private dwelling house (C3 Use Class).
Our Response

The Trust regrets the proposed change of use to residential given that a large part of the special interest of the listed building is bound up in its communal and historic significance as a public house since the 1880’s. The pub also contributes to the distinctiveness and vibrancy of this character area and its loss should not be a decision taken lightly. This said, we recognise that the business has struggled over the years and that there are some constraints to its successful operation as public house, particularly a lack of parking and its residential location.

Whilst we feel it would be a shame to lose the long standing pub business, if the case officer is satisfied that the business has been adequately demonstrated as unviable then we would accept that decision. We recommend viability should be examined by an independent assessor who is experienced in commenting on the viability of pubs before making a final decision on the application. Given the provision of en-suite bathrooms internally we are concerned that the house will be turned over to holiday accommodation which we would object to (on the basis that it would be a loss to housing supply) and therefore request if the change of use is granted that a condition is imposed which precludes the use of the dwelling as a short term holiday let.

Application Number: 18/00984/FUL
Application Date: 05/04/2018
Closing Date: 05/04/2018
Address: Richmond Arms Public House, 7 Richmond Place, Beacon Hill, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment