Radway Service Station, 482 Wellsway, Bath

Erection of small-scale student cluster flats to accommodate 35 student rooms following demolition of the existing Radway Service Station at 482 Wellsway and dwelling house at 2 Oolite Road.
Our Response

The Trust is pleased to see the development of a brownfield site for residential use, and an attempt to alleviate the pressure on family housing in the city. We also commend the good cycle provision and the passive design intents of the scheme. However, we believe that this design constitutes overdevelopment of the Radway Service Station site. Although we appreciate the intention to restrict the building height to the neighbouring ridge line, the surrounding buildings are essentially two storey with a pitched roof and adding a flat-roofed third floor adds considerably to the bulk compared with the surrounding terraces. The design as is proposed is overbearing and the massing too great which will have a detrimental effect on the visual amenity of the local street scene. It is possible that a pitched roof containing a smaller number of units on the third floor would be acceptable, but not the current configuration.

Furthermore, we note that no long term student management plan has been provided in the application. Although a car-free agreement is postulated in the design and access statement it is not explicit, nor is any explanation given as to access to the site for drop off and delivery of students on this busy road junction. These are issues which should be clarified.

Lastly, we do not welcome the demolition of 2 Oolite Road as this historic cottage certainly enhances local distinctiveness and diversity in a way that the proposed development will not.

Due to the proposed massing and the potential overdevelopment of this site this application contrary to Local Plan policies D.2 and D.4 and should be REFUSED.

Application Number: 13/01920/FUL
Application Date: 07/05/2013
Closing Date: 12/07/2013
Address: Radway Service Station , 482 Wellsway, Bath
Our Submission Status: Object