Dormer window loft conversion to house, excavation to front terraced garden to construct one and a half storey building to include a double garage with home office space over.
Our Response

Pinewood is an unlisted late 20th century dwelling situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. The area features a mix of boundary treatments, with high coursed rubble stone walls defining the area’s more historic properties, whilst in contrast, the 20th century suburban-style homes typically feature low stone walls in front of either hedging or timber fencing. The variety of existing boundary heights and material treatments in Pinewood’s immediate setting enable a greater degree of visual permeability along the street, with glimpses of houses and front gardens contributing to the character and appearance of the conservation area.

BPT queries the construction of a new two-storey garage/office, considering the existing ensemble of outbuildings present on the site that could be appropriately retrofitted to suit demand.

We feel that the proposed scale, height, and position of the new garage up against the boundary wall would be uncharacteristic of this area of Weston Lane and would constitute the development of a large portion of the dwelling’s garden setting in an area where generous front and rear garden space is prevalent. There is an ongoing concern regarding the cumulative build-up of development on this site which would impact the appearance and character of the conservation area.

Should the principle of the garage/office building be considered acceptable, we suggest that its use ancillary to the main building should be conditioned as part of any forthcoming permit.

We have some concerns regarding the proposed scale and height of the proposed dormer on the main building. The rear of the dwelling is publicly visible from Gainsborough Gardens to the south; by virtue of its width across the majority of the rear roof slope, the proposed dormer would further build up a building that is already three storeys in height and read as an additional fourth storey in a residential area of primarily two-three storeys. Should the principle of a dormer on this dwelling be considered acceptable, we recommend that it should be reduced in scale to sit more appropriately within its context.

Application Number: 21/03734/FUL
Application Date: 06/08/2021
Closing Date: 03/09/2021
Address: Pinewood, Weston Lane, Lower Weston, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment