Ash (G01)- Fell. Ash (T37)- Fell. Ash (T38)- Fell. Ash (T41)- Fell. Oak (T45)- Remove major deadwood. Oak (T47)- Remove major deadwood. Walnut (T49)- Remove major deadwood. Ash (T50)- Fell.…
Our Response

The site of proposed tree works is the portion of land south of the Tyning, situated within the Freshford and Sharpstone conservation area, the Green Belt, and the Cotswolds AONB. The area of land that runs along the Tyning to which the trees contribute is considered one of the most notable public green spaces in the conservation area which contributes towards the village’s “pastoral setting”. Specific reference is made to the value of tree coverage to the wider character and appearance of the village’s setting and street scene: “the wooded slopes which frame the village intensify the secluded rural environment while individual mature trees are important to the setting of the buildings in the Conservation Area.”

We previously commented in response to application 22/02470/TCA for tree works, including the approximate removal of 19 trees. We therefore reiterate our previous comments in response to this latest application for the removal of an approximate further 8 trees:

We have some concerns regarding the proposed cumulative volume of trees to be felled in this area. We recognise the need to remove trees that have been infected with dieback (where this has been specified). However, we highlight the contribution of the unbroken tree belt in this area to the visual amenities of the Tyning street scene and the green, rural qualities of the Freshford & Sharpstone conservation area. We therefore recommend that where appropriate, significant felling works should be accompanied by a scheme for replanting in suitable native species to ensure that tree cover in this area is sustained and enhanced in the long-term.

Application Number: 22/05130/TCA
Application Date: 21/12/2022
Closing Date: 12/01/2023
Address: Parcel Cs Fr99, The Tyning, Freshford, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment