Newark Works Unoccupied Premises, 1 – 4 Riverside Business Park, Westmoreland

Internal and external alterations to Newark Works to provide Creative Employment Workspace (Total 4,974m2 GIA), including A3 use for not more than 10% of the total new floor area.
Our Response

Newark Works is a Grade II Victorian engineering works situated on the southern bank of the River Avon, within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. A rare remnant of the Stothert & Pitt Ltd historic works, the Newark Works remain a critical piece of Bath’s industrial heritage, the significance of which should be preserved or enhanced in any future alterations or retrofits.

In principle, the Trust is supportive of the sensitive, sustainable reuse of historic buildings to ensure their future presence within the historic environment whilst offering much-needed residential, commercial, and office space within the city centre. We encourage the provision of office space that can be utilised by growing local companies and businesses, that will ultimately enhance the social, economic, and cultural character of Bath.

BPT chooses not to comment on any proposed internal changes.

With regards to the proposed external changes, we are largely supportive of the remedial repairs to the roof and the regularisation of features such as rooflights to present a well-balanced, even appearance in line with the original façade proportions. We feel that the reuse of this building will greatly improve the visual interest of the streetscape, and the general riverside appearance of the conservation area; due to the sealed-up windows, the Newark Works currently present a “deadened”, blocky massing that will be lightened by the reveal of the existing in situ windows.

Whilst we do not oppose the recladding of the Smithy on the north elevation facing the rest of the South Quays development, we would advise that a more sympathetic fenestration style is selected to create a stronger visual link throughout the Newark Works complex. Considering the integrity of the existing fenestration in Buildings One and Two, a design more in keeping with the site’s existing style would be of benefit in the incorporation of local character into a more contemporary format as recommended by Policy D5 of the Core Strategy and Placemaking Plan.

Application Number: 19/05070/LBA
Application Date: 20/11/2019
Closing Date: 05/01/2020
Address: Newark Works Unoccupied Premises, 1 - 4 Riverside Business Park, Westmoreland
Our Submission Status: Comment