Moorfields Hotel, 73 Third Avenue, Oldfield Park

Provision of 1no externally illuminated fascia sign, 1no externally illuminated hanging sign, 2no non-illuminated hoardings, 1no internally illuminated menu case, 2no lanterns, 1no retractable awning and 8no LED floodlights
Our Response

The Moorfields Hotel is an unlisted late Victorian building located within the Bath World Heritage site. The area is defined by its high concentration of 19th century workers’ residential terraces within which the Moorfields remains architecturally, aesthetically, and socially distinctive. Its position on a corner plot between Third Avenue and Oldfield Lane highlights the necessity of careful consideration with regards to the public presentation of its south and west facades.

BPT is largely supportive of the proposed removal of fascia boards due to the consequent improved reveal of the building’s architectural elevations within the streetscape. We feel that the removal of signage creates a tidier, more minimal appearance which enhances the aesthetic value of a historic building, both designated and non-designated. The use of darker, more neutral colours for finishes such as doors, awnings, and the hanging sign are visually more appropriate and recessive.

However, the Trust maintains some concerns regarding the volume of new lighting to be fixed to the front elevations of the Moorfields. We feel that the proposed two lanterns, eight floodlights, and illuminated hanging sign and menu board are excessive considering Bath’s citywide character as a low illuminated city. A consistency of architectural presentation and lighting is important to Bath’s visual homogeneity and the suitable reveal of architectural detail, both aspects of the OUV of the World Heritage site. Therefore, we would recommend that a reduced number of external lights are considered.

Application Number: 19/05418/AR
Application Date: 16/12/2019
Closing Date: 27/01/2020
Address: Moorfields Hotel, 73 Third Avenue, Oldfield Park
Our Submission Status: Comment