Maisonette, Danvers House, 20 High Street, City Centre

Internal work to relocate kitchen. Install new bathroom, replacement electricity main, removal of modern shower enclosure and associated modern partitions. Improve internal ducts/risers and install 2no. doors and associated frames…
Our Response

20 High Street forms part of a terraced group of late 18th century Grade II shops with upper floor residential accommodation at 20-22 High Street, situated within the commercial core of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. Despite later alterations to the frontage such as the painting of part of the Bath stone ashlar exterior at first floor level, the terrace remains coherent as part of a unified, balanced addition to the streetscape. The ground floor treatment is more varied with the addition of a number of early 20th century shopfront treatments, as well as the historic access onto Northumberland Place. Planning permission was granted for the use of the first, second, and third floors as HMO (C4) accommodation in 2011.

BPT is conscious of the proposed improvements to the shared amenity space. This involves the creation of a larger bathroom and the creation of a new living area, despite the reduction of the total number of bedrooms from 7 to 5. We are therefore supportive of the provision of adequate shared amenity space for tenants, which would improve living conditions as well as supporting the sustainable, future use of this accommodation.

In light of the increasing prevalence of HMOs and rented accommodation across the district, BPT maintains the need for the appropriate provision of space and facilities beyond the minimum standards for existing and future residents. We therefore maintain that this should be considered a positive example of refurbishment and the sustainable reuse of a historic building where shared space is being prioritised over the ‘over-cramming’ of bedrooms, and therefore tenants, into a property to maximise profit.

Application Number: 22/00798/LBA
Application Date: 21/02/2022
Closing Date: 31/03/2022
Address: Maisonette, Danvers House, 20 High Street, City Centre
Our Submission Status: Comment