Proposed re-cladding of walls and roof and installation of photovoltaic panels to existing garage building
Our Response

In response to the declared Climate Emergency, BPT is generally supportive of the installation of PV panels where this would not have an adverse impact on townscape character, and would be compatible with the established character and appearance of the historic environment.

The proposed panels would be situated within the setting of a mid-20th century dwelling, on the roof of an existing outbuilding. Where the outbuilding is set well back from the road, the proposed panels would be of limited public visibility and as such would have a negligible impact on the appearance of the streetscape or the wider area. The house and its garden setting are (with the exception of the driveway access) well-screened from the road due to established roadside hedge planting.

We recommend that further design details of the proposed panels are clarified as part of this application to ensure a non-intrusive appearance and finish in accordance with Policy SCR2 of the Core Strategy and Placemaking Plan. We suggest that PV panels should be monochrome with a matt finish to minimise reflectivity and associated sun glare, and should sit as flush with the roof slope as possible.

Where it is proposed to over-clad the existing garage in timber, we recommend the use of a timber such as larch, with a natural finish that would be allowed to weather over time for a more recessive finish that would complement the green character of the surrounding area, as well as the prevalent Bath stone material palette.

Application Number: 23/01695/FUL
Application Date: 09/05/2023
Closing Date: 10/06/2023
Address: Lych Gate, Perrymead, Lyncombe, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment