T1-Yew tree, fell 2 No Cherry trees, fell.
Our Response

The proposed area of tree works is located on the grounds of Kingswood School, situated within the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. The key areas of proposed tree felling works are to the north side of one of the northern training pitches, as well as along the prep school driveway that runs immediately above North Lodge. The Lodge has a history of associated tree planting and landscaping; throughout the mid- to late 19th century, the driveway is illustrated in historic maps as a tree-lined avenue, which appears to have been sustained either through the retention of original trees or the planting of later successors. It is unclear as to how the existing yew tree contributes to this area of planting.

Tree felling works should be accompanied by a proportionate justification of the reasons for felling, and to demonstrate an evidenced requirement for the tree/s to be removed. In light of the declared Climate Emergency, it is critical to recognise and prioritise the critical ecological, aesthetic, social, health and wellbeing benefits that trees can provide. It is therefore highly desirable to retain existing specimen trees, and their associated public benefits, where possible. We encourage consideration of other options to address existing issues (eg. tree debris), and whether this could be managed through crowning works and/or pruning.

Should proposals for felling be appropriately justified by a qualified professional, we encourage mitigation measures by planting replacement specimen/s of suitable species, size, and location.

Application Number: 23/03115/TCA
Application Date: 22/08/2023
Closing Date: 13/09/2023
Address: Kingswood School, Lansdown Road, Lansdown, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment