Isabella Mews, The Avenue, Combe Down

Installation of UPVC framed doors & windows following removal of timber framed doors & windows.
Our Response

Whilst we understand this building is just a matter of metres outside the Combe Down conservation area, it is still within the setting of it and within the heart of the village and makes a contribution to the character of the area. The erosion of traditional timber sash windows and doors within the conservation area and World Heritage Site is a real issue which is resulting in cumulative harm to local character.

UPVC is not sustainable in its manufacture or disposal and it produces a low quality visual aesthetic that is at odds with the traditional character of timber fenestration in the city’s historic steetscapes and conservation areas.

We understand the desire for longevity in terms of the performance of the windows and their easy maintenance, but there are other materials that could provide this performance whilst also respecting the tradition of timber windows in Bath. For example pressure treated hardwood timber windows have similar properties to uPVC but maintain a high quality appearance that is in harmony with the local context. It is now possible to buy timber-framed double glazed units even from the volume suppliers and so we do not think availability can be a reason for not using these.

The proposed windows/doors would fail to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area, and therefore the special qualities of the WHS. It would be contrary to Section 12 of the NPPF, policies B1, B4 and CP6 of the Core Strategy and policies CP6, D.1, D.2 and HE1 of the Placemaking Plan.

Application Number: 18/04355/FUL
Application Date: 01/10/2018
Closing Date: 06/03/2019
Address: Isabella Mews, The Avenue, Combe Down
Our Submission Status: Object