T1-Copper Beech tree, to reduce the spread of the tree by 2.7-3.9 meters and the height by 2.5 and 3.75 meters, to reduce the force of the tree’s branches and…
Our Response

Works would be for the pruning of a substantial, protected street tree, situated within the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. It positively contributes to the thick tree belt located above Camden Crescent and Camden Road, forming part of the green ‘rim’ of north Bath as viewed from key points within the Avon Valley, such as London Road. This tree belt is considered to be a crucial backdrop to Bath’s urban built form, indicative of the intentional merging of the Georgian city with its rural landscape setting, and bringing elements of the countryside into its residential areas.

The proposed pruning works are intended as part of the tree’s management, and we acknowledge that the works are intended to secure the long-term health and stability of the tree. Considering the tree’s significance as a substantial specimen within the street scene, as well as its positive presence in wider views as part of the green backdrop of the city, we maintain that great care is required when approaching and conducting any maintenance or alteration works. It is therefore vitally necessary for work to be undertaken by an expert contractor, and we strongly recommend that this is conditioned as part of any forthcoming consent. We encourage that works are only undertaken when demonstrated to be absolutely necessary by a qualified professional.

Application Number: 23/02610/TPO
Application Date: 12/07/2023
Closing Date: 07/08/2023
Address: Heathfield, Mount Road, Beacon Hill, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment