Ground Floor, 6 Queen’s Parade, Bath

External works to the front of the property to include preparation and redecoration of previously painted windows and doors and preparation and painting of all ironwork and previously painted masonry.
Our Response

6 Queen’s Parade forms part of a Grade II Georgian residential terrace situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site, forming part of the contextual streetscape of the majoritively Grade I architecture of Queen Square.

We are supportive of the principle for the external cleaning and repainting of 6 Queen’s Parade due to its current neglected appearance. However, we do not feel that sufficient detail has been provided regarding works proposed to a listed building. Whilst images of the façade of the basement and ground floor have been provided, it remains unclear as to whether only the paint from the basement level will be removed, or if general cleaning works to the first floor will be incorporated.

We would strongly recommend that any repointing or repairs are factored in as part of this application, rather than being dealt with later. We would encourage any stonework issues exposed by the paint removal to be dealt with immediately to prevent further weathering or damage.

Furthermore, no information has been provided regarding the proposed preparation and repainting of the windows or the ironwork, and we would expect further details regarding the application’s schedule of works and suitable elevations to be provided to further clarify the intent of this proposal.

Application Number: 20/00733/LBA
Application Date: 23/02/2020
Closing Date: 16/05/2020
Address: Ground Floor, 6 Queen's Parade, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment