Ground Floor, 13 Brock Street, City Centre, Bath

External alterations to include paint stripping of the porch internal ashlar stonework. Repointing of loose and hollow joints using lime based mortar mixes. Lime mortar repairs to damaged/decayed stonework using…
Our Response

BPT is supportive of proposals for the removal of the existing masonry and oil-based paints from the interior of the stone porch. The paint is impermeable and is therefore incompatible with the naturally porous qualities of Bath stone. It is indicated to be in a poor, deteriorating condition with areas of spalling and bubbling. The removal of paint would therefore positively enhance the appearance and material integrity of a Grade II* listed building, and reinstate the aesthetic homogeneity of the wider Grade II* terrace where this features a number of Bath stone ashlar pedimented porches of a matching design.

We note the potential for issues with the stonework to be uncovered as part of paint removal works and trust that this will be repaired where appropriate and with the necessary consent.

We are further supportive of general remedial works, such as targeted, gentle stone cleaning and repairs to stonework where these would enhance the special interest of a listed building and its contribution to the streetscape.

Application Number: 22/04976/LBA
Application Date: 12/12/2022
Closing Date: 16/03/2023
Address: Ground Floor, 13 Brock Street, City Centre, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support