Use of the public highway for siting of street furniture outside the Griffin (retrospective).
Our Response

The Trust has concerns that the provision of tables and chairs in this location is cluttering and intrusive on the historic street scene and therefore harmful. However, the application fails to provide a sufficient amount of information and detail to make an proper assessment of the visual impact of the furniture on the setting of the listed building, the street scene and conservation area.

Whilst the Bath Preservation Trust supports outdoor seating in parts of the city centre in principle, and considers that the appropriate provision has the potential to enhance the vitality of the city, the provision of outdoor seating should not compromise the quiet ambience, residential amenity, and enjoyment of the World Heritage site, nor harm the visual amenity value of the townscape or the character or appearance of the Conservation area, or detract from the setting of listed buildings.

Application Number: 19/02719/FUL
Application Date: 17/06/2019
Closing Date: 01/08/2019
Address: Griffin Inn, Monmouth Street, City Centre
Our Submission Status: Comment