Georgian House, Duke Street, City Centre, Bath

External works for the alteration of the iron railings on the steps to the basement flat to include the addition of an extra iron railing onto each step to close…
Our Response

Georgian House, made up of 13 North Parade and 1-2 Duke Street, is a Grade I mid-18th century series of terraced townhouses, now subdivided into flats, situated within the core of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. It forms part of a highly significant streetscape with a high concentration of Grade I terraced townhouses along North Parade and South Parade, and overlooks the Grade II Parade Gardens along the riverside. Georgian House retains a prominent position along the junction of North Parade and Duke Street, and consequently retains substantial architectural significance on multiple historic approaches through the city centre, encapsulating the original Georgian plan form designed by John Wood the Elder.

The use of traditional materials and means of fixing are considered to be appropriate to ensure the coherent appearance and finish of the railings in their entirety.

We note that the current railings are identified as wrought iron, and it is proposed that the extra railings would also be in wrought iron to match, which would be appropriate. However, the attached Iron Art quote refers to the proposed use of “all mild steel bars, painted, lead fixed to the stone, threaded pin fixed to the handrail.” We therefore suggest that the proposed material details of this scheme are further clarified if the proposed insertions are instead proposed to be steel alternatives. A ‘like-for-like’ use of wrought iron would be preferable where possible.

We take this opportunity to note the apparent condition of the stonework of the lightwell and the stone steps, with vegetative growth, peeling paint, and some deterioration beneath several of the stone treads. BPT takes this opportunity to encourage regular maintenance and repair to ensure the health of historic fabric, as well as in this instance, the continued safe use of the steps by occupants. We appreciate that this does not form part of the scope of the proposed works, nor is it a material consideration, but welcome the consideration of possible future repairs to ensure the efficiency of the proposed railing works.

Application Number: 21/02054/LBA
Application Date: 27/04/2021
Closing Date: 24/12/2021
Address: Georgian House, Duke Street, City Centre, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment