Garden Flat, 14 New King Street, Kingsmead, Bath

External alterations to remove existing non-breathable paint from the lower ground floor exterior and repoint where necessary (retrospective).
Our Response

The Trust regrets the retrospective nature of this application and we question the method and finish of the paint removal that has been done. The application offers no information on the results of a pre-cleaning survey or the method of removal or further works to the elevation.

The photos supplied may indicate that the paint was removed via some form of abrasion and not via a chemical/poultice approach. The ‘finish’ of the removal looks to be very uneven and amateur, and to have removed a top layer of stone in some areas, though of course a site visit would provide more information. Should the case officer find the work to be substandard, we would urge the appointment of a qualified stone cleaning technician to complete the work and make good any damage to the stone.

Application Number: 18/05487/LBA
Application Date: 09/12/2018
Closing Date: 14/03/2019
Address: Garden Flat, 14 New King Street, Kingsmead, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment