Former Ministry Of Defence Ensleigh, Granville Road, Lansdown, Bath

Removal of condition 7 of application 16/05360/EVAR (Variation of condition 30 (plans list) of application 14/01853/EFUL (Full planning permission sought for the erection of 181 residential units (Use Class C3),…
Our Response

Where the proposed variation of condition is considered generally acceptable, including the provision of a like-for-like number of 6x trees along the “southern boundary of the site” due to the eastern boundary being constrained by utility services, the scope of the application is currently unclear without the provision of an accompanying site location plan and the proposed, amended location of the trees in question.

Based on the plan provided as part of application 16/05360/EVAR, it appears that the trees would be relocated from the verge of Beckford Drive to the garden boundary of the southern terrace at 1-11 Beckford Drive. It is as yet unclear as to how this may affect the overall green landscaping along the roadside edge, although we welcome the proposed use of replacement planting in surface planters, and encourage the retention of public street greening as part of this development to sustain and enhance the visual amenity value of the area.

Application Number: 23/01298/REM
Application Date: 03/04/2023
Closing Date: 13/05/2023
Address: Former Ministry Of Defence Ensleigh, Granville Road, Lansdown, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment