Flat 3, 5 Sydney Place, Bathwick, Bath

External works for the installation of satellite dish to 5 Sydney Place (regularisation).
Our Response

5 Sydney Place forms part of a Grade I series of eleven terraced townhouses situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. The terrace was constructed in 1808-1809, designed by John Pinch the Elder, and form part of the unfinished vision of Sir William Johnstone Pulteney for the residential setting of Sydney Gardens, flanking the junction to Great Pulteney Street. At 3 ½ storeys in height, the terrace is of a more modest scale than the Grade I 93-103 Sydney Place adjacent, but remains notable for its uniform, palatial façade punctuated with a pediment at roof level on the central townhouse and an ornamental frieze at first floor level. The uniformity of the terrace does vary slightly at 1-12 Sydney Place with the addition of a pediment on the end of the terrace and a blind elevation onto Sutton Street. Sydney Place remains a significant indicator of an unfinished, speculative plan for the further expansion of Georgian Bath to the east and forms part of the Georgian Town Planning and Georgian Architecture OUV of the World Heritage Site.

A number of existing satellite dishes and masts are identified at roof level of varying degrees of visibility, and appear to have been installed without the required listed building consent. The resulting build-up of roofscape clutter is of cumulative harm to appearance and integrity of the Grade I terrace, and should not be considered a suitable precedent for further installations.
BPT maintains that we do not condone works to listed building without first having obtained the necessary listed building consent alongside due consideration of the impact of works on the building’s special architectural and historic interest.

We acknowledge that the proposed satellite dish is of restricted public visibility, being positioned within the roofscape. However, considering the Grade I status of this building, we do maintain some concerns regarding detriment to the integrity of a listed building and possible harm to historic fabric. Further details are recommended regarding means of fixing to the chimney stack and the impact on the historic stonework in this area.

Application Number: 21/04784/LBA
Application Date: 22/10/2021
Closing Date: 09/12/2021
Address: Flat 3, 5 Sydney Place, Bathwick, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment