Flat 3, 10 Alfred Street, City Centre, Bath

Internal and external alterations to include minor alterations and renovation work to the interior, change sash casement window and make a new connection to the soil stack.
Our Response

10 Alfred Street forms part of a Grade II section of late 18th century terrace at 8-13 Alfred Street, situated within the centre of the Bath Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. The proposed external works to the building are focused on the rear elevation at first floor level where the shared terrace character is of an informal and eclectic appearance in coursed rubble stone, featuring a mix of later extensions, window openings and fenestration types more indicative of changes made to the terrace over time to serve a particular function or the requirement of its historic residents. Due to the steep north-south gradient of Bartlett Street and the build-up of development to the south along Edgar Mews, views of the rear façade of Alfred Street are largely restricted from the public realm, largely contributing ‘glimpsed’ views of the roofscape in general streetscape views.

BPT is generally supportive of proposals for the replacement of a non-historic 1970s window with a new enlarged window. Works would also require the removal of later ashlar infill to open up the window opening to its original proportions, which would reinstate a historic window opening with no loss of historic fabric.

However, considering the proposed replacement of a non-historic window on a well-concealed and less architecturally prominent elevation of the building, we consider this could be a positive opportunity for a traditional timber sash window to be fitted that utilises slimlite glazing rather than single glazing to ensure an improved thermal performance in response to the ongoing Climate Emergency.

We note that proposals would also include the addition of internal insulation on the rear southern wall, as indicated in the proposed plans. However, there is otherwise a lack of information regarding the type of insulation to be used, and how this would intersect with the internal face of the external wall or any retained historic detailing. We therefore trust that further details regarding this aspect of the scheme would be made available to the case officer.

Application Number: 23/00432/LBA
Application Date: 01/02/2023
Closing Date: 02/03/2023
Address: Flat 3, 10 Alfred Street, City Centre, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment