Flat 2, Claverton Lodge, Bathwick Hill, Bathwick, Bath

Internal and external works for the lowering of a window sill to provide an escape door in lieu of a sash window.
Our Response

Claverton Lodge is a Grade II early 19th century detached house, with significant alteration towards the end of the 19th century, situated within the Bathwick Hill character area of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. It originally comprised a larger estate, encompassing the adjacent late 19th century gatehouse, now a separate dwelling known as Little Claverton. The Lodge presents a balanced, symmetrical frontage to the streetscape with flanking hipped roofs and chimney stacks either side of a projecting porch which dates to 1896 as a later alteration. The rear looks out onto views to the south-west across the Bath skyline towards Widcombe and the city centre, and forms an integral aspect of the wider views of Bathwick Hill as part of the semi-rural picturesque development outside of Bath, responding to a post-1800s desire for outer-city living.

BPT does not typically comment on internal changes without the benefit of a site visit. However, we have some concerns regarding the absence of detailed information within the Heritage Statement, such as the historic age and value of the window and its opening as existing, which should be used to inform the assessment of potential harm. From the images provided in the Photographic Schedule, a number of features such as timber window shutters and panelled window appear to be present, and it is unclear as to how these would be materially affected by the proposed dropping of the opening to form a doorway.

We trust that further details regarding the historic qualities of this window opening and any historic internal detailing will be pursued by the case officer before this proposal can be fully considered in relation to sustaining the special historic and architectural interest of a listed building.

Application Number: 21/04781/LBA
Application Date: 22/10/2021
Closing Date: 09/12/2021
Address: Flat 2, Claverton Lodge, Bathwick Hill, Bathwick, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment