Internal alterations for remove existing spiral staircase and replace with traditional timber staircase from ground floor to courtyard level and to insert similar staircase from courtyard level to basement.
Our Response

33 Grosvenor Place forms part of a monumental Grade I late 18th century terrace of townhouses situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. It originally formed the initial phase of works around the proposed Vauxhall Gardens, now Kensington Meadows, by John Everleigh, and remains evidentially significant of a speculative Georgian leisure enterprise.

The Trust does not typically comment on proposed internal changes. However, in this instance we query the absence of relevant information submitted as part of this proposal, in particular the proposed new timber staircase between the courtyard and basement levels. There appears to be an existing staircase access from the ground and courtyard floors as indicated as part of the 16/04416/LBA consent, but this is not included within the drawings provided. The staircase instead appears to terminate on the courtyard floor. We therefore strongly recommend that further existing and proposed plans are submitted that detail the full scale of works proposed in this application. Should a new staircase access be proposed, further details regarding potential harm to, or loss of, historic fabric within the basement should be provided and considered.

Application Number: 21/00969/LBA
Application Date: 02/03/2021
Closing Date: 17/04/2021
Address: Flat 2, 33 Grosvenor Place, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment